Acai Berry Recipes Inspired From The Rachael Ray Display

I just saw the Rachel Ray acai berry display, and given that Rachel Ray has this kind of magnificent recipe suggestions, I used to be a bit disappointed that she did not attempt to include acai berry juice right into a fun recipe. Because then I have attempted several acai juices, that are great on their very own, but I thought that it had been time that I attempt to experiment and see if I could create some fascinating recipes employing this new superfood.

Acai Berry Recipes

The first factor I attempted was an acai berry juice marinade on chicken breast. This is only a variation of an orange juice and white pepper marinade I picked up in Nicaragua or even the lime juice and soy marinade I had been employing for years. I really should observe that I often marinade for at least 6 hrs as any much less time doesn’t do much for me.

I reduce the chicken breast into strips and pour acai juice and a few extra virgin chilly pressed olive oil over the pieces. In an work to cut the sweetness, I additional some sea salt and crushed capers. The outcome was interesting and got fairly good evaluations. I didn’t like it as significantly as my stand by marinades so I will not be most likely to repeat this recipe. Also I ended up tossing considerably of the acai goodness down the drain which totally defeats the wellness positive aspects of acai berry juice. In addition, acai is more expensive than lime juice or orange juice so it had been a slightly high-priced experiment.

So my subsequent recipe was a variation on one more preferred of mine, and I hoped it would turn out better than the chicken experiment. In fact it did meet with really optimistic evaluations. This is my very own edition of acai berry frozen yogurt. Mix the juice having a non-flavored reduced fat yogurt. Then set a strainer and cheese cloth within a bowl, pour via the yogurt, put it in the fridge and allow it drain via the yogurt for each day. When the yogurt has drained, you’re left having a cream cheese like mixture, which the truth is is really great as a unfold or dip at this point.

I pealed the acai/yogurt combination off the cheese cloth and into some Tupperware. I then froze the combination for 8 hours. It was scrumptious! It was tangy from your yogurt and had the rich berry taste of acai. The amount of freezing depends on the way you like to have your frozen yogurt. I prefer it softer rather than tougher and for that reason eight hrs worked nicely for me.

Final but not the very least, I wanted to make a recipe for your attempted and correct fruit smoothie, other than ensure it is an acai berry special. In a blender add ice, a frozen banana (this helps make the smoothy added creamy by permitting you to add much less ice), some ordinary yogurt, and 3/4 cup of acai juice. If you wish to make a great all around breakfast smoothie, include some wheat germ to get a little of additional fiber and protein.

So my 1st try at acai berry inspired recipes turned out not so bad. I am pleased with two from 3 effective recipes for my initial try. Granted, my acai berry innovations are not nearly as scrumptious as what I would imagine Rachel Ray could come up with. I’ll preserve attempting though and maybe I will eventually think of some amazing recipes to utilize this wonderful super food in.

Jane A Moore enjoys cooking exhibits and wholesome residing. Inspired by the Rachel Ray acai berry display, she decided to make an effort to add the new superfood ‘acai berry’ to standard recipes to appreciate daily. To understand a lot more about acai, check out I really like Acai Berry.